Firstly, thanks for enquiring about getting tattooed. I love my job and bringing tattoo ideas to life.


Please note that I have a limited number of appointments available - priority will be given to on going work, and pieces that I feel I am best suited for as an artist.

If I think I can work with your ideas and help you create your perfect tattoo I will be in touch. Please do not be offended if I can not fit you in as I probably have just run out of appointments. 

Due to potential unexpected time off because of the pandemic, I will be booking appointments no further than 3 months ahead, which means I will be booking in again soon! 


Please look through my work before you decide to enquire with me, and make sure that my style of work matches what you would like to get. I mainly work in a black and grey style, but am open to some colour work.


Please click HERE to look through some of my previous work.



Please click HERE to look through some of my pre drawn designs.


  • If you would like to book one of these, please mention which one you would like on the booking form. These designs are first come, first served and I will only do each design once.

Please be prepared to pay a deposit at the time of booking. I will no longer be able to hold appointments for a deposit to be paid. If you are unable to pay a £40 deposit at the time of booking, your time and day will not be held.


If you have made it this far, thank you! It’s really important to me to try and make the booking process as smooth and efficient as possible. If after reading through your appointment form I feel like your ideas are something I am able to do for you, I will be in touch! Please be understanding that I am unable to fit everyone in, as I take on all aspects of my work alone - tattooing, studio organising, design drawing, and all admin. All the behind the scenes work take up a lot of my time too.


If I am unable to get back to you, please don’t be mad! I truly appreciate everyone’s interest, and my books will re-open in a few weeks. 

After years of trying different booking methods I have found this to be the best for me. It helps reduce the stress and pressure I experience being self employed. Smooth sailing procedures and stress free zones are what help me create my best work for you, the client!

To make an enquiry, please fill out an appointment form. Please include as much detail as possible, and answer the questions as thoroughly as you can. This is so I can gain a good idea of what it is you would like to get. If I feel I can’t get the information I need from your answers, I may pass over it. This is so I can save time and make the booking process as efficient as possible.  If you are unsure about what you would like please book a consultation so that we can discuss your ideas further.


  • Click HERE for the appointment form

If you are unsure about what you would like, and wish to speak in person in more detail you must book a consultation. Please do not attend the studio looking to book an appointment, as I will not be able to offer any dedicated time to discuss your ideas thoroughly, and may be with another client.


  • Click HERE to book a consultation


Thank you again for taking the time to read through, and for trusting me with your tattoo ideas!