Confirmation of booking

Thank you for booking in! Below is some important information about your appointment. Please message me if you have any further questions!

- An online consent form must be completed before your appointment - this MUST be completed, or you won’t be able to attend. If you become unwell/show signs of COVID 19 between completing the consent form and your appointment, please let us know so we can re arrange, your deposit will be honoured.

- please arrive on time, if you are early you may be asked to wait outside. If you are late we may have to re arrange, and you will lose your deposit.

- We have expanded our studio! if you have an appointment booked with me - Lauren, please enter through the front, off the Main Street. If you are booked in with James or Abbie, please go through the alley to the side as usual, to the back shop.

- we will require that you wash/sanitise your hands on arrival, and a mask will be required during you entire appointment - I will provide you with a new one when you arrive if you need one.

- please bring as few personal items as possible - personal items will be kept safely in a sanitized box, phones can be sanitized and brought into the shop.

- we are asking that you attend your appointment alone, if you feel you need a chaperone only one person from the same household/social bubble may attend, and let us know who will be coming with you. 

-  please eat a good meal before your appointment. You may bring drinks, which can be consumed during breaks.

- you may be required to have your temperature taken

- We can accept cash or card payments.

- It is now a requirement that all our customers and any chaperone's download the government NHS  track and trace app, ready to scan our QR code upon arrival of your appointment.

- all appointments are now subject to change - if any artist becomes unwell, or has been in contact with someone with COVID 19 , we may have to stay at home to self isolate. Thank you for being understanding during this uncertain time!