Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a tattoo can be a super confusing process; there's a plethora of styles, artists, studios and ways in which to book in.

Generally these days, one would book in with an artist directly, and refer to their socials to find out how they take bookings.

Many artists work solo, so respecting their schedule and process really means a lot to them.

Hopefully any questions you might have about how I work are covered here, if you have questions about your appointment please get in touch via GetInk messages on your appointment link. Thanks!

  • How do I book in for an appointment?

    Every couple of months I will open my enquiry form, for 1 week. This will be to book for the following couple of months maximum. I'm not always sure when I'll be accepting new enquiries but will give plenty of notice. Email subscribers will get first access, then I'll update socials.

    In order to submit an enquiry you must complete the enquiry form with all and as much information as possible, so that I can get a good idea of what you’re looking to get. If not enough info is provided, it's likely I won't be able to take on your project.

    I do not take any new enquiries via any other method or at any other time. .

  • How do I find the enquiry form?

    The enquiry form will only be available on occasion throughout the year. You'll be able to find it at the website, a link on email newsletters about books being open (make sure you sign up to get notified) and the linktree* in my instagram bio.

    I'll make sure that it is obvious when my books are open/closed

    *you may need to open it in a browser if you are coming from instagram, there will be instructions on how to do this when you click on it..

  • How do I get in touch?

    If you have an appointment and need to get in touch with me about it, please contact me through Get Ink -

    you can access this via your text/email confirmation and message me through there.

    I can’t converse via any other method such as direct message. By keeping all your enquiry information and messages in one place, I can stay as organised as possible. I also check Get Ink much more frequently.

  • What kind of tattoos do you do?

    I mainly tattoo in a blackwork/illustrative style, but also love ornamental work, floral motifs, stipple shading, traditional, fine line and realism. I only take on work that I am really excited to do.

    Please have a look at some of my previous work on Instagram to make sure that the style I tattoo in is right for you.

  • How much will my tattoo cost?

    The cost of your tattoo depends on a few variables - size, placement, style.

    I quote for each Piece roughly based on how long I think we will need for the appointment, which in turn is based on an hourly rate of £90 ph

    Minimum price is £90

    Larger projects may take multiple days/sessions, which I will do my best to lay out at the time of booking. If you are wanting big projects, the appointments (and deposit) can roll over until it's finished. it can be hard to estimate how long huge projects may take, but I always do my very best.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes - a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.

    You will have 48 hours to pay your deposit before the appointment is offered to someone else, so please have it ready. It is paid via the Get Ink enquiry

    Deposits can be transferred to a new appointment with no less than 48 hours notice. A new deposit will be required otherwise.

    Deposits are deducted from the final session of the tattoo.

  • What am I paying for?

    The quote I give for each tattoo pays for a lot of things - firstly the time and equipment used during your appointment. It also covers other overheads like rent, utilities, insurance, consumables... the list goes on!

    The cost of your tattoo is also reflected in years of experience, time dedicated to drawing and designing your tattoo (many hours outside tattoo time) plus on hand aftercare advice.

  • Flash Pieces?

    If I have flash available, it will be on Instagram (grid posts and highlights) and on my website

    Any flash pieces will only be tattooed once, unless otherwise stated. If you see something you like but I have already sold, we can use it as a reference to design you something similar

  • Can I buy a tattoo voucher?

    I no longer sell tattoo vouchers, sorry!