Studio address;

County Square Studios

County Square


LA12 0AL

*We are on a first floor premises*


❋ When you arrive at your appointment please make your way upstairs and take a seat in the waiting area by the window. I will come and greet you at your appointment time.


❋ Bring photo ID - if you look under 18 and have no ID I will not be able to tattoo you, and you will lose your deposit.


❋ No make up or fake tan in the area to be tattooed


❋ Wear sensible, comfy clothing that enables easy access to the area getting tattooed. For example;

 ❋ sternum - a button up shirt works best and can be taped to cover any areas that don’t want to be exposed

❋ back - a button up shirt the wrong way around offers full front coverage and easy back access

❋ arms/shoulders - vests can be easily moved around and allow one/both arms out

❋ legs/hips- comfy skirts/shorts/loose fitting pants can be moved around easily out of the way. Usually the looser fitting the better for higher areas


❋ Although some areas require a little more exposure you should feel as comfortable as possible in every way! There’s also potential for any items of clothing to get ink on them too so please bear this in mind when getting ready.


❋ Have a decent meal! We can have as many breaks as needed, please bring any drink/snacks you'd like to keep your energy up. I have tea/coffee/water/juice and biscuits!


❋ Hydrate - get plenty of water and moisturise your skin in the days leading up to your appointment (leave the moisturiser on the day as it can make the skin texture a little oily)

❋ Rest! A good nights sleep helps you feel ready for the day and rebuilds stamina.


❋ No alcohol for at least 48 hours prior - it can make you jittery, dehydrated and is a blood thinner which can be the cause of a patchy heal


❋ numbing creams - if you feel like you REALLY need to use numbing creams please make sure you patch test it at least 24 hours before your appointment.  For the most part I’d recommend staying away from using any numbing creams as they can change the texture of the skin to be tattooed which results in not a great heal. If you look after yourself and follow all this advice you’re setting yourself up to have a great pain tolerance anyway :)


❋ If you would like to bring someone for support, please do not bring more than one person. No children are permitted in the studio during a tattoo appointment. If you bring a child to your appointment we will have to reschedule and a new deposit will be required.


❋ Masks are not mandatory - if you would prefer to wear a mask or would like me to wear one please let me know this is no problem :)


❋ Please arrive at your appointment time - if you are more than 30 minutes late to your appointment, we will need to re-schedule and a new deposit will be required.


❋  I don't usually send designs out before the appointment as I've found it's a lot easier to discuss in person, and make any changes from there. Designs intended for tattoo stencils often look a bit odd, which I can talk you through in person at your appointment. If however you'd like to see your design, I can send it over the night before your appointment - please just send a message :)


❋ If you are experiencing cold-like symptoms or are otherwise unwell, please get in touch as soon as possible to re-schedule your appointment. In cases of cancellations within the 48-hour window, including those due to last-minute illness, please be aware that a new deposit will be required for rescheduling. This policy is in place to ensure the smooth operation of our services and minimize any potential risk of illness.


❋ Make sure you have an easy schedule in the days after your tattoo appointment - no sun/water exposure, or lots of exercise planned; it needs to rest to heal properly and get the best results


❋ If you have any further questions or queries the best way to get in touch is through your GetInk appointment link via messages, thanks!