Thank you for considering me to do your tattoo! In order to keep things streamlined I now use GetInk - an appointment system designed especially for tattoo artists that allows us to collect all the info we need from clients.

Some important information to keep in mind:

❋ Tattooing style - I work in a few different styles; fine line, blackwork, black and grey realism, traditional, illustrative and ornamental. I am quite fussy with the amount of colour I do on projects, and do not do full colour realism. If you'd like colour in your design please specify on the enquiry form and I can let you know if it's within my capabilities.

To see previous work please visit my instagram page ❋ HERE ❋ 

❋ Appointment Availability - The appointment form will be made available every couple of months, allowing you to send over all your ideas. Spaces are limited and I no longer work on a first come, first served basis - I'll be taking on projects that spark the most joy and creativity within my style of tattooing. I'll only be booking for two months into the future at each time.

❋ Appointment Priority - When it comes to scheduling, I prioritize my ongoing work, followed by flash pieces, and then custom projects.

❋ Current Enquiry Status - Please note that my current inquiries are closed. I will announce when they reopen on my Instagram account. To respect my schedule, I kindly request that you refrain from reaching out about appointments or inquiries until the form is open.

❋ Existing Appointments - If you already have an appointment with me, please feel free to contact me through the messaging system on your GetInk appointment page for any updates or questions.

Stay tuned for updates on my Instagram regarding appointment openings. Your support and patience is greatly appreciated!